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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Octopus Tools

You did not read that title wrong. I'm posting about Octopus tools and how they use them.

I'll let you wrap your mind around that concept for a minute.

Octopus + Tools = Problem Solving

Did that sink in enough yet?

They can freaking use tools!

Last year at this time I did a post on things that scare me. One of them being Octopuses and the other being aliens. Most people kind of agreed with me that aliens are pretty freaky things in general. On the other hand most people thought I was crazy for being afraid of a simple Octopus. In that post I go on about how the Octopuses of the world would rise up and take over mankind so I will admit it was a bit crazy on my part. I kind of let it go and tried to not talk too much about the terrifying world of the Octopus.

That is until today.

That is an Octpus using tools. The first time scientists have ever seen that kind of activity in an invertebrate species. Not only do they use the shells as shelter but they carry the damn things around. It is like early forms of Octopus armor.

You know what that means?

+ 10 Scariness.

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